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JSAUX reveals Steam Deck dock adapter for thick cases

1 min read

JSAUX, maker of several high-quality Steam Deck accessories, recently unveiled an adapter for use with the official Steam Deck dock. This adapter sits inside and widens the cradle on the dock, allowing use with many third-party protective cases. This is especially useful for those with thicker cases such as the dbrand Project Killswitch, which notoriously does not fit in the official dock at all.

Preorders for the adapter are now open on JSAUX’s official website, with delivery expected in December. Preorder price is $13, including a $3 promotional discount.

Handheld PC has placed a preorder, and we’ll let you know how well it works with the Killswitch. Note that you will still need a small USB extension to use the dock with thicker cases, as this is just a cradle adapter with no additional accessories.

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