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Valve launches refurbished Steam Deck program

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In a surprising but pleasant turn of events, Valve has begun selling certified refurbished Steam Deck consoles. Seemingly after accumulating a substantial amount of repaired Decks sent in for returns and RMAs, Valve launched a store page dedicated to selling these reworked units – at a massive discount. You can pick up a base model for $80 off, with savings up to $130 on the 512 GB model.

All refurbished Steam Decks sold by Valve carry the same one-year warranty that a brand new unit is entitled to, so you still get peace of mind knowing there is little risk involved in going refurb over brand new. Of course, the environmental benefit is clear – these consoles may have otherwise been torn down for parts – some of which would likely have been scrapped!

If you’re a savvy shopper like us here at Handheld PC, you’d take those saved funds and put them towards accessories to both elevate your game and keep your precious Deck safe – such as one of the best micro SD cards for handhelds, a solid SSD to upgrade the base model, or a screen protector and case for on-the-go gaming.

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