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dbrand Killswitch revisit: f*ck magnets

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Recently, we received our updated Project Killswitch case, which swapped the troublesome magnets on the rear for a rotating latch-based design to hold accessories in place. However, it also came with a couple of extra goodies we will go over below. These appear to have been included as further compensation for the issues with the original design.

The case itself is nearly identical to the original, magnet-attach model. In fact, the only noticeable difference is the accessory attachment mechanism. This is great, as the original’s design and build quality were superb, and this carries over into the revision.

The new way the kickstand attaches is with a rotation lock. It’s surprisingly strong for the plastic construction – there’s no fear of it accidentally coming loose, unlike the previous magnet mechanism which came loose with little to moderate force.

As for the extra goodies, dbrand pulled no punches when it comes to functionality. The revised case (optionally) comes both with a cradle insert for Valve’s official dock, as well as a short USB-C extension to work around the dock connector’s odd shape. Together, these pieces are known as the “dock adapter kit.” The official dock notoriously only fits caseless consoles, so dbrand’s insert widens the cradle enough to allow your Killswitch-clad Deck to sit snugly in place. It’s just a molded plastic piece that simply sits inside the dock’s cradle, but it’s sturdy enough and gets the job done. Notches in the insert line up with the notches on the bottom of the case, ensuring even alignment and further securing the handheld.

The base “model” includes the case, kickstand, and front skin, and add-ons such as the dock adapter kit discussed above as well as the stick grips and travel cover shown in our previous review can be included for an additional cost.

All in all, dbrand’s revised kit for the Killswitch case is both more durable and functional, especially if you also pick up the dock adapter kit. It starts at $60, with the full kit including tempered glass reaching an eye-watering $103. Not all of the add-ons are necessary, though, so only get what you need. The Killswitch is an easy recommendation from us at Handheld PC, as the cost is justified by both the build quality and stellar customer service dbrand is known for.

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