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JSAUX Steam Deck dock adapter review

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At long last, we’ve received our JSAUX dock adapter and have conducted our assessment. As it is a fairly simple and straightforward product, our review will be brief and equally straightforward.

The adapter slides onto the official Valve dock from the side, and stays in place using friction via a silicone pad that sits between the rear portions of each cradle. Although this is the only source of friction, the adapter feels snug, and does not come loose on its own. The construction is solid aluminum and appears to be very sturdy. Four silicone feet reside on the bottom, offering strong slip resistance.

Case pictured: dbrand Killswitch rev. 2

JSAUX designed this product to allow you to use Valve’s dock alongside a wide array of third-party protective cases, and it nails the execution. Even bulkier cases like dbrand’s Killswitch (pictured above) sit comfortably in place. It would have been nice to see a USB-C extension included due to the restrictive shape of the dock connector, but these can be found cheaply enough online.

For those with Valve’s dock that also want to use a protective case with their Deck, this is almost a necessity. It’s a simple concept, executed beautifully by JSAUX. At $13 currently on sale (regularly $16), it’s definitely worth picking up.

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